Konstantinos Kousidis

Welcome to my Personal Profile.

A little something.

I founded a company called thinq mac.

We focus on a few things: Repair, Networking, and Education. Our goal is to take the technology aspect of technology out of your life and bring you back the feeling of "it just works" again. We specialize in many aspects of hardware and software, and if we don't know something, we are willing to learn it for you -- to make your life easy in every way possible. To get in touch please call us at 203 807 8727 or send us an email.

Remember: just smile and thinq mac.
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A little something more.

I am very proficient in web design. If you like my work and would like to get in touch to begin your project, you can contact me via the contact page or via one of my social networks linked above. To see sites I've created click on the Portfolio page.

I offer nothing but my best work when designing your page. Throughout the project I will be able to encapsulate the essence of your organization or company and portray that within your site the best possible way.

Please email me with any questions or project inquiries.

Thank you for stopping by.